Guests had to say so much!
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  • December 10, 2014
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I feel this party has certainly set a bench mark for being the most successful party ever in the Big Boss House! Almost every guest on the invitation list turned up. Vindoo Dara Singh, winner of Bigg Boss season 5 looked extremely happy being a part of such special moment. He advised Ali that he was doing very well in the show and he should continue pulling legs of people in the house because that’s quite entertaining outside. At the same time, he asked Ali to be a little mindful about few things(Big Boss had warned the housemates not to ask about their popularity from the guests). Next guests to join the party were, Shayantani Ghosh and Suresh Menon. Shayantani told Karishma how pretty she looks without makeup. She further added saying she has no idea about that. Obviously, KT couldn’t say much but just blushed.

Team Puneet’s guests music director duo Sajid- Wajid, were amongst the many celebrities. Wajid played the guitar for everyone  around the garden area and what was that? Almost half of Pritam’s guests went outside too to join in the fun. Although, Pritam’s team felt envious inside but the guests ensured that the celebration didn’t just remain to be a task and mingled ,giggled and interacted with other housemates from the rival team too. Malishka and others noticed  her team getting slightly lower weightage started their own gaana bajana in the living room. There were special dance performances by Housemates dedicated to the guests and the guests couldn’t resist but joined the gig!


Join the party in the Bigg Boss House tonight @ 9pm!


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