Guests and their Butlers take Bigg Boss by storm! Synopsis, Day 51
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As a new day beckons, it brings with it new hopes that peace and happiness will prevail in the Bigg Boss house. However, with every contestants’ personality being so varied, it continues to remain a big challenge. And the latest entry in the Bigg Boss house, Nigaar Khan is ready face it all and smoothen the roughly edged relationships.

As the contestants prepare for lunch, the luxury budget task for the week, Sab Durandhar Hotel Ke Andar is introduced as a part of which Nigaar, Renee and Dimpy are the guests of a hotel owned by captain Diandra. The remaining contestants in the house, minus Puneet who continues to be in jail, are butlers for the day. The task requires the guests to make the butlers work for them in exchange for some tips. The aim of the task is for the guests to get most work done for them and for the butlers to compete against each other to make the most amount of money.

As the task kicks off, confusion sets in which leads to the butlers and guests taking decisions which end up disrupting a task which could otherwise have been carried off with a lot of fun and entertainment. However, Bigg Boss’ intervention bring both the guests and butlers back on track. A lot of friendships and relationships come under the scanner and even though actions are being taken under the purview of the task, it remains unclear whether they will survive.

Peace returns to the Bigg Boss house as evening sets in with Dimpy, Renee and Nigaar involving Pritam, Praneet, Gautam, Ali, Karisma and Upen in their tasks as they hand out tips. By dinner time, everything is in order and the contestants head to bed with the knowledge that the second day of the task will bring with it new problems and upheavals.

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