Good times for Meher and Sarab!
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  • October 8, 2020
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This week on Choti Sarrdaarni, Vikram tries to reach Meher but he gets arrested by the cops for suspiciously roaming around in the locality. Meher connects Harleen and Kulwant and makes a plan. They take Champa Kinnar’s help and disguise themselves as kinnars to rescue Param with Sarab and Meher live on video call.  Angel, on the other hand, is getting irritated seeing Meher on video chat constantly. Param is eventually rescued by Harleen and Kulwant, and Sarab and Meher are overwhelmed. because Angel is annoyed, she ends up attacking Meher. Meher as well, attacks her back in in thus process, Angel stands and runs.

Sarab sees a wounded Meher and instantly goes to her. Martha comes and sees this and tells them in disguise that she will see them in court the next day. Sarab makes Martha realize that amidst all the hate, she is ignoring the fact that her disabled daughter is standing on her two feet in front of her.

Going forward, Meher and Sarab are together and Meher ends up revealing details about her past to Sarab. Sarab, who has been calm about this throughout promises to be by her side and even help Manav get justice. In the mean time, Manav is waiting for Meher in the lobby. Sarab has planned a series of surprises for Meher and the duo exchange a couple of beautiful moments between them. What’ next for Meher, Sarab and Manav?

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