Good news on the way for Ambi!
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Since the time she entered Imarti Niwas, times have not been very good for Ambi. First she had to fend off competition from Mala while battling Imarti Devi's tricks at the same time. And after a long wait, when she finally won her place in Anuj's heart, in entered Suman and spoiled it all for her. But things will get better soon, because guess what? Ambi's pregnant!

Yes, Anuj and Ambi are going to be proud parents soon. Last you saw them, they were playing dandiya happily with their family. But Ambi will faint in the middle of these proceedings and a doctor will ahve to be called. It is then that the Shrivastav family will come to know that Ambi is expecting. And needless to say, the young couple will be ecstatic to hear the news. After all, that's the brightest ray of hope that Imarti Niwas has gotten in a long time!

But it won't all be smooth sailing. Why you ask? Because Ambi is still pretending to be the servant Shobha in front of Suman and her Mamiji. And Mamiji, who thinks there's something is cooking between Anuj and Ambi, will raise hell over an unmarried Shobha being pregnant. But our newly minted father, aka Anuj, will jump to the rescue and declare that Ambi is his lawfully wedded wife, shutting up Mami once and for all. Phew!

In all these happy times, let's not forget that Suman, too, is expecting a baby of her own. The truth that Abhay is in fact Anuj will be hidden from her, though she'll know that Ambi is pregnant with his child. But inspite of that, she'll stick around in Imarti Niwas to be close to Anuj, nee, Abhay. 

When we asked Preeti Choudhary (Ambi) about this happy development, she disclosed that Suman (Vibha) will indeed be staying in the house. And about being pregnant on screen, she said,”I know that I'll be pregnant in the show, but I'm a little apprehensive about playing a mother so soon in a show!”

Well, it seems like there will be double happiness in the Imarti Niwas as two bundles of joy will soon arrive here!

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