Golden Buzzer came as a pleasant surprise: Beatbreakers #IGT5
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In the very first episode of IGT season 5 a group came that left our judges and audiences awestruck with their mind blowing performance. We are talking about the very talented team of acrobats who are called Beatbreakers.  They’re the first contestants in this season to receive the prestigious Golden Buzzer which enables them to move forward to the Semi Finals. Here’s an exclusive interview with these upcoming superstars. Have a look!
Q. How was this group, Beatbreakers, formed? 

A. We are a group of nine young boys and we have been performing together from the past three years. All of us reside in the outskirts of Kolkata and live together like a family. We always believed that we have the capacity and the talent within us and we wanted to show our audiences some never before seen talent. 

Q. Did you learn this art of acrobatics from anywhere? What is the source of your inspiration? 

A. When the group was formed we all knew we have the flexibility to perform any kind of acts. From past 5 years we have been following IGT and seen some amazing talent. Our only thought was when they can do it why not us? 

Q. How was the experience of performing in auditions in front of the judges? 

A. The experience was surreal. Earlier we have only performed in small functions in Kolkata and this was the first time we were performing on such a big platform. The kind of reception we got from the audience and judges truly left us speechless.

Q. Any particular judge you were trying to impress? 

A. All the three judges are really good at their job and we weren’t looking at impressing one judge but our aim was to perform so well that they give us a standing ovation. 

5. Were you expecting the Golden Buzzer? 

A. Initially when we came to Mumbai for auditions none of us even had the faintest idea that there’s something as a Golden Buzzer. We were confident that our group will definitely perform well but when Malaika Ma’m pressed the Buzzer we were shocked and had no idea what’s happening. It came as a pleasant surprise.

Q. What is the USP of your group? 

A. The special thing about our group is that we try to keep our acts unique. While other acrobatic groups usually just do regular stunts, we create a story in our acts and all stunts are synchronized to every beat. So if a single beat is missed our whole choreography goes for a toss. 

Q. Have you prepared anything special for Semi Finals?

A. We wouldn’t like to divulge any details but can promise that this act will be completely different than what we did in auditions and it will be hundred times bigger!

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