Girls Vs Boys – Cricket Match
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  • November 22, 2022
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Simar and the family are watching cricket match on the projector, and they dress up like cheerleaders. Meanwhile Laboni has entered the house and Ektara sound is played which is heard by Aarav almost making him go in trance, but Simar calls him by then.

The men make fun of the women on knowing nothing about Cricket. Simar challenges them for a Girls V/S Boys Cricket Match. Simar tries to make the women understand Cricket & its rules, but they are interested in jersey’s look, cooking food for everybody & everything except Cricket.

At night Aarav hears the Ektara music, wakes up & strangulates Simar.

The next day match starts, Gagan & Aditi join them too. Simar gets hurt with a ball on head, hit by Aarav multiple times. Laboni from the window watches this when Simar senses something and she goes inside the house. On entering the house, she finds Geet crying and brings her outside the house.

Who do you think will win the match ?

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