Gharwalon par hui sawaalon ki bauchaar!
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  • February 11, 2020
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With less than 5 days left for the finale, the contestants are feeling immense pressure currently. These top 7 are trying their best to keep it all together as nervousness and anticipation takes over. In tonight’s episode, there might be certain add ons to this as Rajat Sharma walks into the house with a set of daunting questions and allegations for these contestants. One at a time, each contestant is called in the witness stand and asked a couple of questions about their journey in the house. These also revolve very specifically around issues pertaining to them, their rapport with fellow housemates and the ones they dislike.



Rashami and Sidharth’s relationship in the house has always been talked about and Rajat Sharma too speaks about it in an open forum and gets Rashami to express her thoughts too. Will she? Will she not? Similarly, Paras and Asim too were asked to a couple of grilling questions about their game strategy and relationships inside as well as outside the house. Will their answers be convincing enough as per Rajat Sharma? Time to know it all!




While Sidharth is the angry young man of this house, there are times when his funny side takes over and everybody in the house is entertained. Tonight too, a little jugalbandi between Rashami and himself takes place and everybody in the house is seen laughing away hysterically. You surely cannot miss THIS.




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