Gayab Hokar sab dikhta hai..
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  • October 17, 2014
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By now you must have seen that today Ali jad punished Karishma for not performing her tasks diligently. So, an adesh was given by Big Boss according to which Karishma was declared ‘Invisible’ for other contestants in the house today. As per that, nobody could talk to Karishma not even acknowledge her presence in the house. Initially it  sounded quite exciting but soon Karishma was seen running after everyone just in case they got distracted. She tried her level best in doing so and was nearly successful too until Boss gave a warning to the contestants to do their task diligently or else an action could go against them.

In the second half, the task was completed in light hearted manner with not much of a havoc. In fact quite sportingly. 

Something very intreresting also happened, to lighten everybody's mood. I could also see  a pre-decided prank played on Ali by the housemates, wherein the housemates pushed Ali in the pool.Well that one taken sportingly too!!  If they play this way then am sure there won't be any groupism in the house.


Stay tuned for tonight’s episode



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