Gautam’s loss becomes Sushant’s gain!
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  • October 31, 2014
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So we saw a lot happened over the ‘Phone booth’ task early this week! In fact we also saw a lot of emotional drama and crocodile tears filling up the buckets! My observation says that now everyone is turning into ‘Thaali ka baingan’;  going with the majority. But there is one thing they all are smart at, whenever it comes to judgement by the Big Boss for the individual winner or loser of the task, they all act as the most deserving in the house. So many deserving people make me feel so inferior and I am sarcastic right now! 


Let me tell about you one such incident. Upen being the captain was asked by Big Boss to choose one person who deserves a reward and another one who deserves a punishment for the last task.Upen named Sushant to be the winner of the task as he sustained till the end trying his level best to complete the task and named Gautam to be punished. Gautam has become the punching bag for these housemates I tell you! So the reward for Sushant was to choose one person who would be a “personal assistant “ to Sushant and he did not miss a second to name Ali to take care of his personal duties. Lol now this got even more interesting when as a punishment, Gautam was asked to be locked up in jail the so called Pinjra sent by Big Boss!

My heart screamed for Gautam, too much attyaachaar!!! What was the impact on Gautam post this? Will Ali prove to be a good slave to his master?? Who are changing parties in house??


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