Gautam punished again,followed by Puneet’s release!
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It was another judgement day and Diandra being the house captain was given the authority to choose one person in the house whom she wanted to be punished, but it didn’t take me too long to sense which name she will choose.  Yes, she named Gautam once again, saying that he interferes in discussions where he is not supposed to and he provokes others for unwanted fights. Soon after Big Boss's announcement, Gautam was called in the punishment room and what I saw next made me feel really sorry for Gautam. There was a heap of shoes to be polished.  Psst..Psst. But Gautam took it up very sportingly. Though I understand things must have severely pinched him, but I liked this boy’s spirit.


In Another moment, Big Boss asked Diandra to sit in the garden area asking one ‘khwaahish’ by each gharwala, towards the end of which one person would be chosen lucky to have that fulfilled. Ironically, most of the housemates pleaded for Puneet’s release from the cage, I wish Puneet was around to hear and realize all the bitching he did sitting inside the cage for everyone during his imprisonment,that people genuinely cared for the deteriorating health of his staying outside. And guess what? The wish was granted and they all welcomed him out so much warmth!  Punz now it’s your turn, let’s see if you bring out something positive for God’s sake!


Eat healthy ‘n’ Sleep Well


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