Gautam ko gussa kyun aaya?
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  • November 12, 2014
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Who would really bother early in the morning to see what one is wearing and how one is looking?? Not me atleast! Until and unless it’s a soap opera where you would find the actors shockingly all decked up even during wee hours! *Ehehehe*. 


So our very own Gautam Gulati was walking around wearing something really comfy and casual at that time when  newbie Ms. Nigaar Khan made a few remarks on his attire. Gautam, who is anyway not taking any comments casually these days, screamed back at her telling not to get personal! Thankfully I had my ears stuffed with cotton!


Nigaar was flabbergasted by his reactions and she tried calming him down justifying she just was just kidding and certainly did not mean to be personal. Well,I don’t know what perception she would make about Gautam now!


My dear Gautam,we understand you have innumerable reasons to have frequent mood swings, but kabhi kabhi thande dimaag se bhi kaam lo yaar! You never know you might just make one friend for lifetime in this house!!!Kuch bhi ho sakta hai, nahi?




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