Gautam knows how to make her laugh!
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  • November 18, 2014
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I still love their roothna manana!  I am talking about nobody else but Sonali and Gautam. Sonali, who is already very upset for last two days got even more distressed when Gautam told her something very personal with regards to the current task, telling her about being extra careful about doing things when there are eighty camera around and nothing could remain hidden from her family. She already looked tensed as the new girls in the house told her about the janta’s reaction over the ‘Kambal fumble’ incident, and that the whole episode created a lot of noise.Well, who doesn’t know Gautam kehna kuch chahta keh kuch aur jata hai! 


After Gautam made her cry, he also knew how to make her smile! Undeniably he has his own ada to make things up to anyone. Of course, he said sorry! And once again danced to make her laugh.  To my surprise Karishma sincerely kept telling Big Boss to call her inside the confession room as Sonali was genuinely stressed and needed proper counseling in fact to a level where she would need a psychiatrist. Oh Gosh!don’t tell me the Big Boss house pressure cooker is giving so much of pressure that they need a psychiatrist. C’mmon!


Time for some chill pill!


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