Gautam isn’t getting enough support from his friends it seems!
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And they did it once again! There was a big chaos in the house when the hotel guest’s safe was broken by the butlers. While on one hand Renee gave her safe’s key to Gautam openly,  Upen,Arya,Ali and Praneet shocked everyone as they broke Nigaar and Dimpy’s safe.

Gautam was playing a fair game but seeing Praneet and Pritam go the wrong way he lost his patience and ended up shouting at his own friends. Apparently, everyone felt that Gautam was playing it safe because everyone knows there will be just one winner of the game and like always the winner of the tasks get certain privileges in nominations and captaincy process. Gautam has genuinely been fighting hard to become the captain since quite some weeks now clearly stated that he wants to become the house captain. On the contrary Pritam told others in the kitchen that nobody can forcefully become a captain just having his or her own will alone, and that it requires a nod by everyone. Pritam Pyaare why is this affecting you so much? Feeling envious of your own friend? I can clearly see Gautam being ill treated by his one time buddies in house. Why?

Well this is getting too complicated! During all this I could only feel lot of ashaanti. I guess Big Boss should have taken Gautam’s request seriously earlier, to send ‘Havan Samagri’ and a pandit inside the house which could bring peace. Can there be another hearing to this Big Boss?


I need a break!


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