Gautam is no more a target of the Housemates?
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  • October 20, 2014
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Only less than a week old in the house, housemates already seem to have had it enough of Ali! It’s quite evident as the contestants express their discomfort and Diandra has gone on to state she is going to ignore him to whatever he has to say and do. Karishma too is equally annoyed calling‘Worli naka’ a stupid song!. Haha now that’s  hilarious! Arre Karishh,gaane mein kya rakha hai!  

Among the other group too Ali isn’t winning any favours. Puneet was heard saying Ali wouldn’t  survive for long if there is no change in his attitude towards others. In short all housemates collectively feel Ali tries imposing himself on others way too much and projects himself to be someone what he is actually not. In fact I heard Puneet comparing Ali to someone popular who was part of Season 4 and certainly holds a reputation. Keep guessing folks!(winks).Lastly he was heard telling Upen that he wouldn’t hesitate pouncing on Ali if he tries to misbehave again.

Looking at the current happenings I feel the target of the housemates has shifted from Gautam to Ali. Hmm…Sigh of relief to Gautam indeed…I see him taking chain ki saans! Well deserving Gautam…bravo!

Catch you later!


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