Gautam is an entertainer even when he is asleep!
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  • January 18, 2015
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Do you know Gautam has a habit of sleep talking and singing. Yes, even Gaurtam was as shocked as you are. He was completely unaware of the fact and that something happened last night and came to check about the same with Dimpy. Dimpy smiled and said that the rumour was correct. She said “Tum neend mein bhi entertain karte ho.”  Gautam then went ahead to confessing about his fear of ghosts. He said that he loved watching horror flicks but he felt petrified at the same time!*Booooooo* Gautam also remembered his ex- girlfriend, who was an Australian, he said she used to tell him how he used to talk while sleeping.


Gautam then started remembering Sonali and said that she was unnecessarily denounced by Karishma all the time for being unhygienic and careless, and that she wanted to pray the devils. Gautam confessed about his fears and said. “Bhoot ki baat yaad kar mujhe Sonali ka chehra yaad aata hai kabhi kabhi jaise wo behave karti thi “ *Lol* Sometime later he also shared with other housemates that he felt embarrassed to do dirty talking like other boys did. This led Ali and Rahul making fun of him even more.


While all this was going one. A real sweet thing happened, when Dimpy was lying down alone in the garden and Rahul came to her. He said how happy and proud he felt when the caller of the week appreciated her. He made fun of her too saying that she was the Bigg Boss Khabri who spreads the exclusive news about the house. Oh freak! She has intentions about taking away my job? I better be careful.



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