Gautam is a Psycho!
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  • October 10, 2014
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Equations change, bond change and even besties change…

The two, who claimed to be the BFFs of the Bigg Boss house, who were seen hugging each other and holding hands all the day, now can’t even stand to be in the same room. You are a true Bigg Boss fanatic if you have guessed whom we are talking about.

Gautam and Diandra, who started off as Rahul-Anjali of the house can’t even stand each other’s presence now. Post Gautam’s fight with Karishma, all the inmates sidelined Gautam. Though now things have started falling in place and Gautam has made it to the buddy group of the house, still it looks like not everyone has completely welcomed him with open arms. 

Diandra was seen talking to the cameras and sharing her feelings about Gautam. According to her she would have been slapped by her Daddy, if she was to befriend with Gautam outside the house. Not only this, she even called him names like psycho and attention seeker.

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