Gautam and Upen’s war of words!
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  • November 4, 2014
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Sonali got the hint when Upen wrote ‘BEAUTIFULL’ from the wooden blocks kept in the garden area to please her! However she made fun of him looking at the wrong spelling, she said “He is from London and doesn’t know to how to spell beautiful!” .On the other hand Gautam was being told by Puneet that even though being a Punjabi he doesn’t know how to woo a girl! He really needs to learn a lot!! (Oh, but I'm already impressed by his oh-so-good-looks!) At that point in time the ishara was towards Sonali who was wandering around. Puneet even told Gautam “Tu Punjabi ke naam pe dhabba hai,you should treat girls like goddess!”,I felt like taking a nap! knowing this would go on! But then what caught my attention was when Gautam got really inspired by all the learnings received from Puneet acharya ji! and in against what Upen wrote on the ground he wrote something that read as – PYAAR  G S. Ooooo lovely! In fact he also danced with Sonali singing – Main agar kahoon tumsa hansin.Now it's getting a little confusing and exciting too, that which way Sonali actually wants to go?? The choice is yours babe! To avoid getting more puzzled, I thought to listen out what Karishma and Diandra were discussing in one corner! I heard Di’ telling Karishma  “Jo bhi meri kitchen team mein aata hai,wo evict ho jata hai”,hmmmm did they mean to say kitchen job is jinxed?? I am getting too involved in my job you see!


Signing off for tonight!


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