Gautam and Diandra officially declared foes!
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  • November 13, 2014
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Now even I am tired of this! Who doesn’t know these two are the biggest rivals inside the house and cannot stand each other. This time the reason was Punzz, it was time to serve food to him and Gautam being his‘Shravan Kumar’ reached out to the captain telling to open the lock of the cage so that he could serve him food. But apparently Diandra was in a rush to attend nature’s call and said she would do once she gets free. 


But oh God, once again there was a further miscommunication between the two which made Gautam feel she wasn’t handling her captain’s duties properly. On the other side Diandra blamed him saying, ‘Gautam mujhe hamesha ulta jawaab deta hai.' Diandra don’t you think you always form a perception for people without understanding the person? Get a life Di!


Here, Gautam was frowning over the incident and shared it with Dimpy.‘Mere mann mein isske liye aur nafrat badhti jaa rahi hai,wo samajhne ki koshish nahi karti,jabki maine ussey acche se pesh aane ki koshish ki hai’. Dimpy tried to understand him every way possible and surely this put him at ease somewhere. In fact, Gauti even revealed one of the biggest mysteries to her! Want to know what could have Gautam said to Dimpy? Don’t miss the same it in tonight's episode!


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