Gaurav Chopra: The angry young man of Tellywood #Uttaran
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In Uttaran, we recently saw that while trying to dig out some crucial evidence against Akash, Mukta landed herself in some serious problem and got kidnapped by his goons. And there jumped in Daddy Dearest to save his daughter, giving us a chance to witness the angry young man Mr.Rathore in his true colors, belting out some power-packed punches! 

Sounds like a scene right out of a movie but let us tell you guys that as good as these scenes look on-screen, shooting them takes a rigorous toll on our actors. We got in touch with Gaurav Chopra, who plays the role of Mr.Rathore and he shared with us his experience of shooting this sequence. 

While many hold the belief that action sequences as such are well rehearsed in advance, in case of fast-paced medium like TV it is not so. When asked Gaurav about his rehearsal before shoot he said, “No, we didn’t do any practice since it’s a TV serial so we need to be really quick in shooting. We shoot back to back sometimes, so taking time out for any kind of rehearsals becomes difficult. We went on constructing the scene and kept shooting.”

Even to bring the action flavor in the scene, a lot of efforts were taken to set it up efficiently. “The location had to look like a dingy dark warehouse so the exits and windows were sealed shut. It was extremely hot and dusty and I shot in that furnace for 5 hours straight! All this we did to give Mr.Rathore his aura!”

Well, we did enjoy Mr.Rathore’s tough action sequence but we were definitely reminded of a certain angry young man of Bollywood and his aura! When asked to Gaurav about the striking resemblance to Amitabh Bachchan’s acting style he said, “I am honored but dwarfed by the comparison. The sequence had been written like many of the scenes Mr.Bachchan has shot so maybe that’s why it reminds people of him. I am just happy that the audience is liking what we do, it’s all for them.”

All you fans of Gaurav Chopra, if you have missed this splendid action sequence from Uttaran then you can watch it right here! For more updates on your favorite show, keep watching this space!

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