Gaurav, Bani and Swami Om break into an argument on Bigg Boss 10
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  • November 27, 2016
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The viral video task was big hit. The teams almost competed neck to neck in the task but Team Lopa, took the lead in the task. Last night on Weekend ka Vaar, clips from the viral video task were shown to the housemates to show what went on in the respective team preparations. Tonight, Bani and Gaurav clip is displayed on the screen and Swami Om makes personal remarks about it.


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Bani and Gaurav don't appreciate his comments and ask him not to intrude into their life with his opinions. Swami Om says, that Bani and Gaurav's overly affectionate nature is not an  opinion but a reality. 


Pic 02

Let's see what more unfolds further on this topic tonight on Weekend ka Vaar at 9PM!

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