Gauahar miffed at Ajaz
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  • December 11, 2013
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After Ajaz openly declared his love for Gauahar few weeks back, Gauahar has been keeping a close watch on Ajaz’s gestures and the things he says. Gauahar has always made sure that she doesn’t give him any wrong indication by being over friendly with him. She has also pointed out the things which she doesn’t like and constantly hammered it in Ajaz’s head. 

But after doing all this Ajaz still managed to upset Gauahar recently. Ajaz put his arms around Gauahar while wishing her a good morning.  This did not go down well with Gauahar and ‘Khan Saab’ was visibly upset over Ajaz’s  gesture. 

Later she told Ajaz not to hug or hold her the way he did. Ajaz retorted by saying he used to hug her this way before but she had never objected before. Gauahar told him that he is lying and he should refrain himself from touching her in anyway. Gauahar also said ‘Shut up’ to him when he further argued with her.

Gauahar smitten Ajaz was heart broken again and tried covering his pain with anger. On the other hand Gauahar just increased the distance between them even more. 


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