Gauahar has always been dramatic: Candice Pinto
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Raising the temperature and making us go Awww every now and then is the stud in the Bigg Boss House Awwwsif (No pun intended!!). We know he doesn’t talk that much, we like him either ways, but there is someone who is voicing on social media on behalf of this amazing contestant. From hottie hunk Asif we take you to sizzling babe Candice Pinto. We had a little chit chat with Candice to get a step closer to Asif.  We bet you don’t want to miss this. Read it on.


Let’s start with your tweet about Gauahar, last week’s luxury task saw Asif being pinged by Andy with undies, socks, shampoo and  shaving cream, what made you blast on Gauahar for the same?
OMG, this has become huge. I never thought that it would be such a big deal and I have to clarify it to all. My tweet had nothing to do with Gauahar as a person, it was being a captain she was biased. Others were fooling around and having fun at the expense of the torture that was given to Asif. I expected at least she would take a stand rather than going everywhere and saying that she can’t ask the hell mates not to torture. If there has been Kushal on Asif’s place, it would definitely have been a different scenario altogether. Gauahar has always been dramatic and she believes in More The Drama, More The TRPs

A few days back I had an argument with one of her fans, when I posted the incident on Facebook, why do I need to justify my stand?


What is it about Asif that you are in support of?
Asif is very patient, hats off to that guy for maintaining his calm inside the Bigg Boss House. He doesn’t erupt easily and gives everybody a chance. He is very understanding and doesn’t believe in fighting for TRPs. But trust me if he is pushed off to his limits he might just blast off and give it back to them. 


How do think he is playing in the house?
I think he is doing a great job in there; I would like to see more of him. May be that’s the reason I’m hooked to Bigg Boss 24×7. And please give him a chance to cook, he is a fabulous cook. He doesn’t lie and fight I think this is why people take him for granted.




Asif is being portrayed as a punching bag, what do you have to say about it?
Yes, because he doesn’t know how to give it back. People don’t take him seriously because of the communication gap. People end up taking an undue advantage of him, because he can’t put his thoughts forward. Like that instance when Gauahar said that Asif was checking her out. She has known Asif from a long time and coming that from her was so unexpected. Is appreciating someone called Checking Out?


Is this the real Asif we seeing inside the Bigg Boss House?
He is exactly the same but is working much more hard than he usually does.


What if you get a chance to go inside the house?
Well I have been asked to, but to be locked up inside the Bigg Boss House you should be mentally prepared and I don’t think I’m. I get nightmares of Bigg Boss, trust me.


Any secrets about Asif you want to share with his fans?
I don’t think people know how he has made it this far. He comes from a very middle class family and it is his hard work that he stands tall here. He didn’t know English or Hindi and for a person to manage all this success without knowing the basic language is a big deal. All of us here appreciate and support his hard work. 


Any message for Asif?
I have already sent him a letter; I’m just waiting for it to get delivered.


So, could you just sneak out a line or two from that letter?
Ummm No for that you should watch the show. Let it be a surprise for you guys as well.


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