Gauahar gets a pleasant surprise #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 39
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After Kushal makes an attempt to leave the house, Bigg Boss calls everybody in the living area. Bigg Boss expresses disappointment in Kushal’s act of breaking out of the house further announcing that Tanishaa has also been found guilty for her actions during the task. 

Later in the night, Bigg Boss surprises everyone by making an announcement of a mid-week eviction. He tells them that the voting lines have been closed and one of the contestants will be evicted in the next few minutes. Bigg Boss then breaks the silence and announces that Viveik will have to exit the house in the next five minutes.


Later, Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the nomination process to take place again. Further, Gauahar leaves the living area crying as she is upset with Kushal for his daredevil act of leaving the house. Kushal tries to pacify her but she refrains from talking to him. Bigg Boss then calls Tanishaa and Kushal inside the confession room and warns them to maintain decorum in the house and not repeat their actions again.

Andy advices Sangram that his aggression while performing the task was quite evident and, he will get into everybody’s bad books if he continues to do the same. Gauhar, Kamya and Andy decide not to have any further discussion about Tanishaa’s behaviour and maintain a distance.  

After the luxury budget task Bigg Box comes to an end, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the best performer. The housemates unanimously decide to elect Gauahar as the best performer. In the afternoon, Armaan and Pratyusha have a tiff over household chores. Tanishaa overhears Kamya and Pratyusha discussing about it and she relays the same to Armaan who then chooses to ignore their comments. Bigg Boss decides to bring in a twist for choosing the luxury budget this week.  Awarded with 1500 points, Pratyusha and Sangram are asked to go in the dark room and get the required things. They are also given only one torch which can only be used by Sangram. They make good time with and also end up saving 400 points to everyone’s satisfaction.


Later in the evening, Bigg Boss makes an announcement for the weekly task where every contestant is asked to spend 5 mins with Heaven and speak their heart out about their experience in past three days. Kamya breaks down in front of Heaven and tells him that she will never forgive Armaan. On the other hand, Armaan is quite apologetic about whatever he has said to Kamya and wishes that she forgives him. 

Further, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that Gauahar will be rewarded for her victory soon.  She is asked to go inside the bonus room where her prize has been kept and she is asked to go there alone.  To Gauahar’s surprise, it’s her mother who enters from the door and Bigg Boss announces that this is her reward for winning the task. Gauahar couldn’t hold back her tears after seeing her mother and gives her a tight hug. The mother-daughter duo sits and chats over dinner. After a while, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that their meeting time has come to an end and Gauahar’s mother needs to leave. Gauahar with a heavy heart bids a tearful goodbye to her mother and thanks Bigg Boss for this wonderful gift. Here’s hoping Gauahar enjoyed her Mama-Mia moment with which the day finally came to an end.



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