Gauahar and Tanishaa get into a cat fight
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  • October 16, 2013
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After Jahannumwasis won ’Shaitan and Farishte’ task, there have been a lot of disputes going on inside the Bigg Boss house. To give the housemates a chance to clear the air, Bigg Boss gave the housemates a task called Kathghara where the housemates from Jannat and Jahannum had to put allegations on each other and provide a justification. A court like set-up was created in the garden area where Gauahar being the captain was elected to be the judge.

When the Jannatwasis were given a chance to begin, Tanishaa came forward and accused  Gauahar of being unfair during the task. She accused her for giving a leeway to Kushal though he was breaking rules but took action against others who broke the rules.  Tanishaa told her that she was being biased and unfair throughout the task and that’s why they could not win the task.

 Gauahar lashed out at Tanishaa justifying her point and said that she is not being unfair. She in turn accused Tanishaa of being the only one who thinks she is being unfair.  She told her that she did stop Kushal when he was breaking rule and even disqualified him for two hours. Tanishaa was still not satisfied with her justification and went on arguing with Gauahar.  Finally, she had to rest her case when everybody else stood by Gauahar and proved her to be fair.

 Looks like Tanishaa is making a mountain out of a mole hill  without a reason. 


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