Gauahar and Armaan face the first BB swap!
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  • September 19, 2013
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Bigg Boss is definitely a show full of twists and turns and the new twist is 'Tabaadle ka Din'. Bigg Boss alerted the contestants of new things that are going to happen in the house in the near future. One more twist came up on the fourth day when Bigg Boss asked the Jahannum wasis to select one person who performed the best in the wheel survival task. They came up with a clear winner who was Armaan Kohli.

Bigg Boss called all the heaven mates to the confession room to nominate one person who is not very deserving to live in heaven. Most of the heaven mates nominated Gauahar Khan. Bigg Boss told both the contestants to pack their bags and await the next announcement. Both the inmates were told to swap their respective sides while the gate was held open by Shilpa. Armaan got a warm welcome as Shilpa put a ‘Tikka’ on his forehead and with all heaven mates hugging. Armaan seemed very happy when he arrived in heaven whereas Gauahar was seen missing her heaven mates. She was also quite upset because the heaven-mates, who she considered her friends, voted her out of Jannat. Will this change Gauahar's equation with her former friends? We'll have to wait and watch!

Click here to watch a sneak peek into the swap.

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