Gates of arguments open up with the Raja and the Rank task on Bigg Boss 10
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Bigg Boss always has some really interesting tasks up his sleeve to dish to out the contestants.  The latest task of Raja and Rank has given a lot to both the parties in the house to converse about but in a more heated way. 

The celebrities who played 'Sevaks' at first are back in the same mode but with a twist of character play this time to the royal Indiawale.


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The fight kick starts with Rohan and Nitibha. Nitibha gets irked over Rohan’s  adamance over not paying heed to her warnings. Rohan’s ill mannered conduct catches a wrong nerve and a verbal spat takes place between the two. Rohan's arguement that he won’t listen to her till the time she is in her costume for the task is ought to make things more bitter.


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Further we see Manveer and Gaurav getting into a fight. Manveer who plays the 'Rajkumar' and Gaurav who plays the 'Wazir' in the task, are out to defend the point of view of both their teams. Watch what they had to say…


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Dekhna toh abh yeh hai, ki is task mein power ka swad aur kya kya rang layega. Tune in tonight at 10.30 PM to see a fresh tale of nokh jhok on Bigg Boss 10. 

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