Ganga’s surprise for Jagya
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Sometimes when you love someone very much, you’d have to go through every tear, every heartache, and every pain. Because in the end, it’s not how much you have suffered but how much you loved. And Ganga is exactly the epitome of these feelings. She does everything that makes Jagya happy. And now she is planning a surprise party for his birthday. Ganga has been taking care of Jagya’s each and every need. And she wants him to feel special after whatever he has gone through in the recent past. 


In the coming episodes we will see how Ganga is planning to make this birthday really special for Jagya. Since she knows Jagya well, Ganga will make sure that the party is according to his likes. From the ambience to the food to the guest list every thing will be arranged by her.


Jagya loves Ganga’s poetry so she might even have a special poem written and dedicated to Jagya. Last time Jagya was lost in Ganga’s poetry and he was so impressed that he even applauded for her effort. Ganga might just want to tell him that how much he means to her through her poem.


On the other hand things are not looking in favor of Ganga, Sumitra has turned against her. She is being blamed for Jagya’s attack. Also Sanchi’s confession to her family about her feelings for Jagya has complicated things further. But Ganga wants to make Jagya happy on his birthday leaving aside her own pain and problems.


That’s what true love and respect can do.


Catch Ganga’s surprise party for Jagya soon on Balika Vadhu.

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