Ganga’s past is revealed. Weekly update 5th Jan to 11th Jan
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In the beginning of the week we saw Anandi trying to apologize to Shiv for not being able to stay up in the night. Shiv forgives her and asks her to cancel on the picnic and spend some alone time with him. Anandi hesitates to lie to the family but Shiv promises to help. Watch how Shiv manages to get Anandi alone with him for some time. 

Shiv takes Anandi for sightseeing tour in Udaipur and she first insists on going to shop for saris. He enquires about her sudden interest in saris and realizes she’s doing this for Sanchi. Shiv asks her not to change her style for his sister but she clarifies how she wants to be on friendly terms with Sanchi and doesn’t mind making the first approach. Watch as Shiv helps Anandi choose a sari. 

A man and his mother enter the hospital, Jagya is working, with an injured woman and demand the doctors to treat her immediately. Jagya asks them to maintain decorum and enquires from the woman as to how she got the burns on the hand. Her family tries to intervene and restrict Jagya from conversing with her but then he notices that she’s the same girl he had seen running away with a kid. Watch as Jagya tries to know more about the woman. 

Anandi receives a gift from Ashima and on opening she finds a night gown. She feels embarrassed by the gift but Shiv finds it amusing. When he tries to approach her, Anandi starts crying and confesses how she feels uncomfortable and doesn’t feel she’s ready to be with him completely as she’s still not able to let go of her past.  Shiv consoles her and promises her to not do anything that will make her feel uncomfortable. He wants her to have faith in herself and whenever she’s ready to move on he will be there by her side. Watch as Shiv extends a hand of friendship towards Anandi in this video. 

To make Anandi happy, Shiv calls Dadisa and fixes the plan for the pagphera ritual. Dadisa and family are happy to hear this but Anandi feels that Shiv’s family might not like this decision. When Dadisa calls Shiv’s mother Ira to invite Sanchi also for the pagphera ritual, Ira feels shocked to receive the news from Dadisa. Sanchi tries to add fuel to the fire and comments how Anandi is trying to take Shiv away from his family. Watch as Ira raises her doubts over this with Meenu Bua.

Next day, Jagya finds the same man beating his wife on the road and when he tries to interfere, the woman asks him to leave them alone. Later, Jagya comes to know from a villager that the woman’s name is Ganga and how she used to be a young and cheerful girl but then got married at an early age. Watch as Jagya gets to know about Ganga’s past.

 Dadaji returns from his company trip and shares the stories with everyone. Ira then asks Anandi to make halwa for Dadaji as it’s a ritual that has to be done by the new bahu. Anandi complies and we see some scenes of Shiv trying to help Anandi in preparations.

Later, when everyone’s praising Anandi for the halwa, Shiv’s father Alok asks her to teach the recipe to Sanchi too. This irritates Sanchi and she comments on how she can’t act like from the worker class and she has an image to keep up and walks out. Same moment, Dadisa and family arrive to receive Anandi and are shocked to hear Sanchi’s words. Will this create differences between Dadisa and Shiv's family? Keep watching this space to know more!

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