Ganga wants to leave the badi haveli #Balika Vadhu 10th July
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Everyone is having dinner together at jaitsar. Ganga gets food to serve Jagya. Sanchi takes the food from her hand and serves it to Jagya. Shiv appreciates dhoklas made by Ganga and asks Jagya to try it. Jagya loves it and appreciates Ganga. Ganga tells him that she will make dhoklas for him whenever he feels like eating them. Sanchi gets furious and tells Ganga that she doesn’t have to do that.

Anandi expresses her concern with Sumitra about Sanchi and Jagya’s rishta. Anadi tells her that she is not quite sure on how Sanchi will be able to adjust to this house. Sumitra tells her not to worry and that Sanchi will change herself to adjust.


Sanchi makes Jagya wear the red jacket she got and asks him  to show everyone. Nandu takes their picture. Ganga has tears in her eyes and she runs towards her room. She talks to Mannu and tells him to pray for her that her admission at nurse college gets done faster so that she can go away from everyone.

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