Ganga taking care of Gehna #Balika Vadhu 6th August
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The whole family comes to see Gehna and her baby. Dadisa is very happy and she wants to meet the nurse who delivered Gehna’s baby. But Jagya handles the situation and the family doesn’t come to know about Ganga’s presence. 

Dadisa calls up Anandi to give her Gehna’s good news. Anandi is very happy and she shares it with Shiv. Shiv gets into romantic mood and expresses his desire of having a baby to Anandi. They have some romantic moments.

Anandi gives Gehna’s news to her family. She also realizes that how Sanchi is trying to change for Jagya and she decides that she will support her and help her and give her another chance. Anandi tells Ira that she will help Sanchi in whatever way she can to make her the ideal bahu.

Meanwhile, Ashima leaves her house without informing Mahie post the romantic encounter the night before. Mahie is shocked when he comes to know Ashima is not staying in the house and gets saddened by the fact that he can’t get in touch with her. 

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