Ganga saves the patient, makes Jagya proud! #Balika Vadhu
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There is nothing impossible when it come to Ganga and her undying grit. Yet another example of her intelligence and conviction proved right when she was sucssesful in  performing the operation on the patient and bringing him out from danger. Jagya's eyes beam with pride when he looks at Ganga and shares the news with the patient's family. 

On the other hand, Dadisa's family is sad and pained to know that Gehna and Niranjan are moving out to start a new life. Though extremely emotional, Dadisa blesses the couple.

Back in the hospital,  we see Jagya overwhelmed to see Ganga’s accomplishments.His happiness knows no bounds as he gifts a beautiful neckpiece to Ganga as a reward! Ganga looks extremely delighted to see that.

Does this mean Ganga is highly potential to become a doctor just like her husband? Will Jagya encourage her to study further for the same? 

Now that sets an example of an ideal couple! Isn’t it?


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