Ganga saves Jagya from a marriage fraud: Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap, 15th April-20th April
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After Jagya shocks everyone by hugging Ganga during the Holi celebrations, he apologizes for his behaviour but Ganga ignores him completely. Dadisa intervenes and urges Ganga to at least listen to what Jagya wants to say. Ganga reacts unexpectedly and expresses why she is so upset.

Jagya recalls the whole episode and feels guilty about what Ganga had told him. He goes to Ganga and promises her to bury all the old memories and move ahead in life.

Ganga regrets about her outburst and apologizes to Dadisa. Dadisa, on the other hand appreciates Ganga for being honest and straightforward. Ganga feels relieved and thanks Dadisa for being so thoughtful. Watch their conversation here!

In Udaipur, Anandi gets up with a hangover and tries to recollect everything with Shiv. Ira on the other hand expresses her displeasure about Anandi getting drunk in front of so many people. But, once she gets to know the truth, she reprimands Sanchi for being so careless.

At the breakfast table Chhoti Maa realizes that she has got skin allergy due to Holi colours. Sanchi cribs about Anandi coaxing Chhoti Maa to play Holi. Anandi feels extremely culpable and decides to be by Chhoti Maa’s side, till she recovers.

After a tiring day, Ira extends her assistance for Meenu but Anandi insists to be with Chhoti Maa.

Sanchi is desperate to know about Anandi and Jagya’s divorce and phones Jagya. She cribs about how Anandi insisted Chotti Maa to play Holi that resulted into such a serious problem. Jagya assures her that Anandi will not let anything happen to Chhoti Maa and the topic gets digressed to Sanchi’s leg injury.

 Back in Jaitsar, a matchmaker suggests few young teenaged girls for Jagya to Dadisa. This annoys Dadisa and she shows door to the matchmaker.

Looking at Anandi’s dedication, Shiv goes to Chhoti Maa’s room, and feeds dinner to Anandi. Looking at all this, Sanchi feels extremely jealous of Anandi and calls Jagya once again.  

Anandi discusses about Sanchi’s behaviour towards her with Chhoti Maa when Ira overhears the conversation. Ira reprimands Sanchi for being so childish and doubtful about her own sister-in-law.

In Jaitsar, while looking at the pictures of the prospective brides for Jagya, Sumitra shows her discontent about a divorced girl, Kanchan, meeting Jagya, when Jagya comes and says that why cant he marry a divorced girl, when he is a divorcee himself.

Sanchi’s desperation meets the threshold and she asks Anandi about why she got divorced to Jagya. Anandi ignores the question politely and assures her that she only loves Shiv.

When Kanchan’s family comes to the Badi Haveli, they discuss about their daughter’s tragic past but Ganga senses something wrong. She cautions Jagya about the girl indirectly and suggests him to be careful.  

Next day, while Jagya goes to meet Kanchan in the temple, Ganga overhears Kanchan’s father threatening someone. Ganga decides to follow him and finds out that Kanchan’s father is a crook who wants to extort money out of her daughter’s ex-husband.

Ganga returns home and alerts Dadisa against Kanchan and her family. She narrates the whole story and Dadisa praises her for being a savior.

Will Jagya still go ahead and marry Kanchan? Is this Ganga’s plan to get closer to Jagya? Will Sumitra accept Ganga as her bahu? Stay connected for more updates. 


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