Game over for Gunwant and Kirtida?
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  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • April 1, 2020
  • at
  • 9:14 am

This week on Shubharambh, we see Gunwant slaps Raja and confesses the sour reality that he never cared about Asha or him. All the love shown was fake. Asha who arrives there is shocked to hear this. Raja too is appalled to see this side of Gunwant. In anger, Asha lashes out at Gunwant for being such an evil person and manipulating them for years. Just then, Rani steps in to make them realize that this scenario was plotted by her to reveal the bitter truth and intentions of Gunwant & Kirtida.

Later, we see fufaji coming to the Reshammiya house and revealing the truth. Mota Papa disrespects fufaji when he speaks about the real owners of the shop. In sheer arrogance, he tells fufaji that old age could have led to him becoming forgetful but he is the real owner of the shop after Raja signed the papers. Fufaji then reveals how Rani makes him see the real picture. He also gets his lawyers to make two sets of papers where he first utilizes the fake papers while the real ones stay with him.

Going forward, because Rani and her efforts are being praised, Mota Papa gets irritated and is about to slap Rani. Raja, however, steps in and stops him from doing so. What happens next? What’s Raja’s decision going to be?

Tune in to Shubharambh tonight at 9 pm sharp to find out what Raja’s decision will be.


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