Full-on Filmy Romance: (Madhubala Weekly Recap- 19th-23rd November)
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Last week in Madhubala, RK and Madhu came even closer as they fail to supress their feelings for each other.

With a romantic start of a new day, Madhu feeds RK as he is quite vocal while expressing the difference between eating at home and eating the home cooked food. Right after, he starts coughing hard giving another chance to Dips to accuse Madhu for mixing something in his food. While Radha urges to call for a doctor, Dips shouts out to call for the cops! Incorrigible we tell you.

Madhu feels stressed and disgusted about the allegations and just when she is about to leave, RK holds her hand and pulls her closer. He mockingly tells Madhu to share this special recipe so that she can cook and feed Sikku!Rk in his inimitable style says. “Biwi bohot accha khana banaya, tum distinctions se paas ho gayi!” and orders everyone to stop harassing his Biwi. This one's really hurt someone (Read Kuku and Sikky) badly!

Meanwhile Trish tries to stop Padmini, who is all set to leave Shamsher's house. She even urges Shamsher to stop her from going but Padmini doesn't listen to anyone and leaves.

Later, madhu confronts RK for doing all the drama and limit his jokes as RK takes his sling out. The argument again turns into romance as Madhu supports him while he grimaces in pain. On the other hand, after being mocked by RK, Dips feels insulted and taunts Madhu that her mangalsutra is the biggest joke of the year. She then tries to pull if off from Madhu's neck just when RK enters and confronts Dips. He makes a strong remark that she belongs to the Bhatia family who are nothing more than a peice of furniture or mere cockroaches in his house. After being humilitaed, Dips leaves in huff.

Madhu feels disgusted about the humiliation and shouts at RK for taking the case back. She demands to hear the truth and RK takes her to the lakeside. He tells her how sad he felt when his father left him and thae wound was not healed properly when his mother remarried leaving another wound in his heart.Awww! He stated that parents are a symbol of trust and faith and there can't be anything as worse as parents stabbing their own kids. Talking about Shamsher's case he told her that he explained her father to end the matter and he wouldn't tell Madhu lest she also ends up with a similar wound. Madhu feels touched and holds RK's hands.

Romace fills ther air with rose petals as RK and Madhu get lost into each other's eyes. Madhu cries and keep looking into his eyes as he drives her back to home. After reaching home, Madhu's constant stares disturb RK and he asks her not to pity him. Both are unable to sleep without each other.

All this while Dips crib about Madhu and Sikku tries to pacify her. He asks her if she will be fasting for Karwa Chauth and Dips rudely tells him that she would rather eat so that she could get rid of him. But, Sikku promises her a gift on Karwa Chauth that will drive her mad!

Next day, Padmini visits RK mansion to apologize to Radha and says that it was not her mistake but Radha asks her to leave. Padmini tries to convince her but Dips butts-in and taunts Padmini. Padmini tries to remind Radha about Madhu's efforts to save RK but all in vain. Radha asks Padmini to take Madhu along and end the issue. RK intervenes and screams at Radha. He taunts her by saying that is it some scene from a movie where the money was being traded. he then asks padmini to join her daughter in her room. He auures that even if noone is in favour of Madhu in the house, he is always there. 

Madhu and Padmini talk about RK's change of mind and how he is there by Madhu's side. Both are happy as Padmini calls their '6pheron ki shaadi' complete. Padmini returns home and rememebers how she used to cook for Shamsher and trisha, but is strongheaded not to return. 

Madhu feels restless in the house as she spots RK's phone that he forgets to carry. Next, we see Madhu on the sets. RK asks her why is she there and she stammers and says she forgot only to remember later that she was there to return his phone. The story takes a filmy turn as Madhu sees herself as RK's heroine singing 'Main Pareshaan'. She dreams and dreams throughout leaving RK surprised. She then blushes and reaches home and dreams again. Finally when RK returns home and shakes her to reality she accuses him for her 'pareshani'. Looks like full on romance is on the crads for this 'much in love' couple





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