From the beginning our aim was to crack the finale: Funny Boys
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From the beginning Funny Boys have been the comic relief for IGT season 5 and as funny as they’re on-screen, off-screen too a chat with the three boys Himanshu, Mihir and Shiva turned out to be hilarious. While the others were busy ROFL-ing on the dance floor, we managed to catch up with Mihir and he gave us exclusive dope about the very Funny Boys
How did the journey begin?

Some time ago we had participated in another reality show but didn’t manage to go too far. We learned from that failure and started to practice with much dedication. Our families used to feel troubled with our antics but then our choreographer Deepak saw the comic element in our dance acts and decided to revamp our group. Earlier we didn’t have a place to practice but then Himanshu’s father lent us a room and from there we started practicing hardcore to enter IGT. Thankfully, judges loved us in auditions and we got through!

Have you been trained in dance?

Deepak has been dancing from six years and has learned everything by watching TV. He’s a big follower of Dharmesh Sir. Our concept usually revolves around Bollywood songs in which we use a mix of Hip Hop, Freestyle and Bollywood and Locking and Popping. So the act looks unique.

Did you guys expect to reach finale?

Frankly yes, and we were in fact prepared for it. From the beginning our aim was to crack the finale. Our act contains all elements of dance, comedy, fun, drama and basically is typical Bollywood. Our dream is to enter the film industry and make names as comedians.

How was the wxperience of performing in front of the judges?

Oh, it was really good! Earlier we used to be nervous about what kind of feedback we will get. But the moment we stepped on stage we got confidence seeing the smiling faces of our judges. Kirron Ma’m especially loved us! After we danced on Havan Karenge, Kirronji couldn’t stop praising post performance. And that really made us happy.

Who is your biggest competition?

No one really. We don’t get tensed looking at other’s performance, our main aim is to entertain our audiences and make sure the judges are happy. 

What are your preparations for Finale?

In finale we are acting as small Sikh kids. Our names are Santa, Banta and Funta and song we have chosen is Punjabiyan di Batteriyan Charge Rehndi Hai. The act is a special dedication for Kirronji. Last time we performed for Karan Johar. Sadly didn’t get a chance to dance with Malaika but will carry Zandu Balm and sneak an opportunity post performance!


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