From Sunaina’s point of view she is correct: Neeta Shetty #SSK
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Why Sunaina’s spirit has turned negative suddenly?
Initially, Sunaina’s spirit just wanted to find out who killed her and why for which she takes help of Simar and Roli. Once she got to know that Baa and Kartik killed her, she was all set leave. But when for the last time she uses Simar’s body to talk to Vikrant, she gets to know that Vikrant can sense her. He even tells her to stay back. It is then Sunaina thinks about staying back. Her thoughts get firm when Simar is thrown out of the Bhardwaj house. She thinks that Simar is not accepted back by Prem and why not use her body and live with Vikrant and Sanjana. From her point of view she is correct. She feels that this is what God has destined for Simar.
What is going to happen next?
Roli, Siddhant and Vikrant will sense strangeness in Simar’s behaviour and they will try to find out what is going on. They wouldn’t agree to Sunaina and will find out ways to deal with her.
How do you feel about playing a supernatural character?
It’s fun to play a spirit, I get to do things like passing through people’s body and door and windows. As Sunaina I am playing a fashionable ghost that looks prim and proper all the time. Usually ghosts and spirits stay in one look but I pressed upon keep changing my dresses.
Do you believe in ghosts and spirits?
In real life, I have never come across any such thing but yes I do believe in energies. Like we have positive energy, I believe there are negative energies too.
Have you ever felt scared?
Yes, if I am left alone in a huge place, even the slightest of noise feels scary. It’s human tendency to feel scared on being left alone.

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