From Beend to Doctor Saheb: Jagya’s story
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He learned to say Beendini before he could say ball. He had a friend to play with always but he also had to be responsible towards her. He learnt how to share his mother’s attention even before he understood the word attention. We are talking about Jagya the child groom who got married when he was 10 years old. While it was equally unfortunate that his bride was all of 8 years and didn’t understand the word marriage, he wasn’t in a stage where he could help either.


As he learned how to share toys, books, emotions with his wife, he was separated from her. Jagya’s Dadisa thought it best to separate the two friends who were now in their teens so that each could concentrate on their studies. Jagya was sent off to Mumbai to pursue his MBBS. He tried to keep in touch with his wife but it’s never easy to maintain a long distance relationship, especially when the big bad world has so many distractions to offer.


Jagya met Gauri, a fellow medical student and slowly got attracted to her. Gauri managed to become his friend, confidante and slowly started replacing Anandi. The two had similar dreams and aspirations and marriage followed shortly. It was not easy for Jagya to get his family’s approval for this marriage. Even though his marriage to Gauri was legal, there was a child bride, now grown up waiting back in Jaitsar. 

Like any normal person, Jagya refused to acknowledge a marriage that had happened when he was still wearing short pants! He married Gauri against his family’s wishes and decided to stay in Mumbai. But destiny had other plans for him. Gauri was on a revenge trip, having been slighted by Jagya’s family many years ago, she wanted to separate Jagya from his family and also get a huge slice out of his ancestral property.

Heartache was inevitable but Jagya returned back to his family and to the loving care of his childhood beendini Anandi but love still eluded him. Anandi had also grown up and moved on from the childish game of house to a more serious relationship with Shiv. With a heavy heart, Jagya saw his childhood friend tie the knot before he could convey his feelings for her.

Having loved and lost couple of times, this young doctor dedicated his life to serving in the rural hospital of Jaitsar. He would have led the rest of his life pining away for Anandi hadn’t he met and rescued Ganga, once a child bride like his Anandi but who had managed to escape from the clutches of his evil husband Ratan Singh. Jagya found solace and a new friend in Ganga. But his caring nature also attracted Sanchi, Anandi’s current sister in law. It was difficult to say no to Sanchi’s declarations of love and a much confused Jagya found himself getting engaged to her before he could even realize his feelings of love for Ganga.


The engagement with Sanchi was a mistake from day 1 and Jagya was aware of it, but having been through two unsuccessful relationships, he didn’t want to upset his family anymore. Little did he realize that his fondness for Ganga did not diminish even after she went away to Mangalore to pursue her nursing course. In fact, distance made the heart grow fonder and he went found himself by Ganga’s side when she was falsely implicated in a robbery case. Not only did Jagya rescue Ganga for a second time, he brought her back to Jaitsar and married her in a dramatic twist.


Has Jagya been impulsive in falling in love or is he the lost boy who has grown up to become the loved daactar saheb but is yet to mature into an adult who knows what he wants? 

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