Friendship is a one-way street for the housemates!
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After just a few days into the game, housemates formed different groups within themselves and were seen teaming up against their fellow contestants. Where there are so many people under one roof, clash of egos, fights and manipulation is bound to happen and that's what has been quite evident from day one in the house. Here are five times that we witnessed housemates talk about one another behind their backs in the Bigg Boss house.   

Suyyash-Kishwer-Prince have become 'thick as thieves'. They are the famous trio of the house and are often spotted bitching and gossiping about the other contestants. They way too often form opinions about others and are seen influencing the other members in the house. Their dislike towards Mandana is pretty evident. They have been seen talking quite alot of times about Mandana and how she doesn't want to perform a task when it's convenient for her and when it's in her favour, she leaves no stones unturned to finish it. The biggest example was during the 'sharati bachche task' when Mandy fell ill when it was her turn to become the care taker and the very next day she was seen happily hopping all around the house when she was made the baby in the task. 


Rochelle-Roopal: It was the second week and food crisis had already erupted in the house. The use of sugar and tea had triggered an argument between Rochelle and Prince. Rochelle was trying to convince Prince to use less sugar so that the house doesn’t face scarcity in the coming days. Scarcity of food lead to bitching as well! This caused a huge discussion in the Bigg Boss house where Rochelle and Roopal were seen bitching about Prince and how food was being unequally shared because of Kishwer and Suyyash. 
Housemates vs. Mandana: When Mandana was sent to the secret room, she was told that she could see and hear everything and the contestants were told that since Mandana could hear everybody, they were supposed to do something to make Mandana nominate them and the two contestants that Mandana nominated would be declared safe from eliminations. Thus began the race to criticize Mandana. Kishwer, Prince, Suyyash, Aman and Rochelle all got into this act and they got so much into it that they actually started bitching alot about Mandana which came across as they were not doing it just for the task's sake but really feeling all those negative emotions towards Mandana. 



Rochelle-Mandana: Suyyash and Prince got into a fight during the captaincy task which became the talking point between Rochelle and Mandana. They were seen talking to one another that Prince and Suyyash are very emotional and whoever is crowned as the captain would not be beneficial. They also said that both of them are childish and they take decisions in haste which hampers the harmony of the house. Prince is a guy who gets influenced by people around him while Suyyash on the other hand has been listening to his girlfriend Kishwer and hasn’t taken decisions on his own. 

Housemates Vs. Rimi: Bigg Boss opened the doors of the house and gave an oppurtunity to all the contestants, whosoever didn't feel like staying inside the house to leave the house once and for all. The biggest shocker was when Rimi who has been showing disinterest from the first day did not budge one bit. Other housemates were seen complaining and talking about Rimi's non- participation in all the activities be it task related or household work and how she never shows interest in anything. Rimi's 'I don't care' attitude resulted in everyone speaking negative about her. 





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