Friendship and love: Two sides of the same coin
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Many of our on screen jodis started their journey of togetherness with friendship. Perhaps that’s the reason their love is built on trust, respect and affection. Their relationships have always been beyond just romance. No wonder they are our favorite jodis!


Swara and Sanskaar of Swaragini


Swara and Sanskaar met in the oddest situations when Sanskaar was playing the bad guy. But Swara’s friendship awakened the good in him and rest is history. Sanskaar not only came back on track but the two fell in love and soon tied the knot. Even now, we see them standing together against all odds.



Thapki and Bihaan of Thapki Pyaar Ki


Bihaan and Thapki couldn’t see each other eye to eye but that’s a bygone story. They now share a wonderful bond of friendship that strengthens their love. Despite Dhruv’s attempts to separate the two, they are only drawn closer to each other.




Aaradhya and Aryan of Krishnadasi


Aaradhya and Aryan met in college and became good friends. Their friendship eventually blossomed into love. Post marriage, both have managed to keep the friendship in their relationship alive. 





Dhani and Viplav of Ishq Ka Rang Safed


Dhani was a widow when she met Viplav. He supported her through tough times like a friend would. They soon became good friends and their friendship naturally grew into love. Although they are not together at present, they find solace in being friends with each other.









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