Friends turning foes?
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  • December 27, 2012
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The turn of emotions in the Bigg Boss house can turn best friends into foes and this time Aashka and Delnaz's friendship is at stake even when they have known each other since years.

It all started while Aashka tried playing a prank on Sana. Delnaz, unable to digest that Aashka was trying to hassle Sana, immediately came to Sana's rescue which ticked Aashka off. Thinking Delnaz had lost the plot, she gave her piece of mind to Delnaz and told her that it was nothing but a joke and that she does not always have to come and shield Sana, especially when she knows the chemistry between Aashka and Sana is splendid. So beware, any interference in their relationship might lead Aashka turning her back towards her close friends. Hope Aashka soon understands if this battle with her dear friend Sana is worth it!

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