Friends Turn Foes #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 94
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As a part of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara task, the contestants have been instructed to not sleep. However, they break the rule to sleep the night. Seeing this, Sangram complains to Bigg Boss in the morning, leading to a grave step being taken against them. 

As a result of Bigg Boss’s orders, Gauahar and Kushal are extremely aggravated because most of their bottles are now empty. Armaan, however, finds himself eliminated from the task as all his bottles are emptied. The housemates are shocked when they notice that Ajaz is in the lead and could potentially win the task. Seeing this, they all start taking the task seriously because they stand to gain immunity and enter the Grand Finale if they win the task. 

To give the contestants one more shot at winning immunity, an additional task is assigned to them wherein they have to stand on top a stool and balance a bowl filled with green coloured water. As soon as the task starts, Gauahar quits and gives up her last shot at immunity. 

While all the housemates struggled with the task, Andy wins it comfortably. Because Andy is carrying a badge bearing Ajaz’s name, Ajaz gets the chance to empty three bottles and he chooses to make Tanishaa, Gauahar and Kushal lose a point each. Gauahar gets upset with Ajaz for not staying true to his friendship. Ajaz, however, justifies his actions by saying that he is doing all he can to win the game. 

As the day progresses, Sangram continues to be tough on the contestants. He even gets direct authority from Bigg Boss to reduce the lives of his fellow housemates every time they break a rule of the house. In irritation, some contestants rebel against the task and purposely make mistakes. Seeing this, Sangram decides to punish all the contestants – even the ones who have not been breaking the rules. 


His close friend, Andy, however had a different opinion on this new rule being implemented by Sangram. Calling him unfair, Andy gets upset with Sangram. He further tells him to not make his own rules and stop being stupid while playing the game. Sangram, however, clarifies that as supervisor of the task, he will not pay attention to what others have to say and continues to believe that his rule is fair. 

All the contestants are shocked upon seeing the friends turn foes right before their eyes. Andy furiously tells Sangram to stop talking to him. Not liking the tone in which he was being spoken to, Sangram warns Andy harshly following which Andy decides to ignore Sangram.

Later, a fight erupts between Kushal and Gauahar during the task, Ajaz speaks up on Gauahar’s behalf and fights with Kushal for troubling her and making her cry. Not appreciating the interference, Kushal tells Ajaz off and asks him to mind his own business. However, not one to back off, Ajaz taunts Kushal and asks him to treat Gauahar well. 

Kushal also speaks to Gauahar about the issue and she yells at Ajaz asking him to stay away from her personal matters. She also tells him that she does not need a friend like him in her life. Feeling hurt, Ajaz tells Kushal that he will ensure that he gets his revenge and showcase his game spirit. United at last, Kushal and Gauahar ask Ajaz to stop intruding in their personal space.

Despite of all the differences that have arisen, Ajaz continues to seem desperate to win the task. In fact, Tanishaa finds herself knocked out of the game when Andy, who is carrying a badge bearing her name, converses with the housemates in English. 

With Gauahar and Ajaz surviving till the end of the task, it finally comes down to the two warring friends to prove their mettle and gain a spot in the Grand Finale. Who will be the lucky one?

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