Freeze, release and emotional outburst in Bigg Boss
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  • December 6, 2012
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Bigg Boss brought in yet another task that left the housemates frozen. A task called freeze and release was introduced in the house. The contestants were supposed to freeze in whichever position they are whenever Bigg Boss’s buzzer went off and release from the same similarly. The first time around when the housemates were frozen, Delnaaz’s brother came in and created mayhem in the house. He went to almost everyone and gave his expert comments. While, some of the comments were positive, most of the others were demeaning. Urvashi was a prey to his insults as well. Bakhtiyar told Urvashi that it doesn’t suit a mother of two like her to call others fat etc. Urvashi did get cheesed off with his comments after he exited. In sometime, Urvashi was pleasantly surprised as her two sons walked in to her room while she was frozen. The loving mother couldn’t help but cry on seeing her loved ones. The young boys came in and hugged their mother with much love and affection. The boys kept motivating their mother by telling her to stay strong and not get influenced by anyone. Bigg Boss releases everyone soon and Urvashi cries her eyes out and hugs her children. The young boys introduced themselves to all the housemates. After the boys go around the house with their mother, Bigg Boss freezes everyone yet again, leaving Urvashi in tears again as she let go of her sons’ hands. Well, per say the task was more emotionally taxing than physically for most of the housemates. 











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