Four things that we can expect from the new show Kasam
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Love cannot be put into a bracket and labelled for it is beyond definition. For those of who have been touched by love once or more can truly understand the intensity and depth of it. Kasam is one such story of Tanushree and Rishi that transcends reality into the realm of eternity. Here are four things that we can expect from the upcoming TV show Kasam.

Reincarnation: A strong belief that is held across a multitude of cultures, Kasam delves into the concept of reincarnation or rebirth. Tanushree and Rishi who are very much in love get separated when Tanushree dies in a car crash only to come back after 20 years to reunite with her love.

Sacrifice: Despite being aware of the fact that there is some fault in Rishi’s kundli, Tanushree agrees to marry Rishi and takes the ‘dosh’ onto herself which eventually leads to her death. The sacrifice that Tanushree makes for her love is a testimony of true love.

Love: This four letter word holds more power than one can imagine; for it is the only thing that has the power to set us free. Whether it is the love for your job, or your parent or your partner, this is what makes defines us and gives us wings to fly. Tanushree and Rishi’s love story is one such example of true love that even death could not do apart.

Destiny: The love story of Tanushree and Rishi reinstates the concept of destiny. They were meant to fall in love and fall apart and come back again to complete the circle of destiny. Fate works in mysterious ways that is beyond one’s comprehension and the story of Kasam truly brings together the very idea of destiny.

Kasam starts 7th March. 

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