Five twists on Sasural Simar Ka that kept us hooked!
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Sasural Simar Ka has been one of the most popular shows since its launch in 2011. There have been many twists and turns in the show so far and here is a look at some of the most memorable ones.


Khushi's revenge plan

Khushi entered the Bharadwaj parivaar to take revenge for her sister's death. Her revenge caused Simar's miscarriage and created havoc for the entire family.


Roli's memory loss

Veeru escapes prison and kidnaps Roli. Roli experiences a memory loss and in the meanwhile her look alike Jhumki is brought into house by Simar.

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Entry of Mohini ( Daayan)

Mohini became a part of the family when she came as a tenant in their farmhouse. Soon, trouble started brewing in the family, and only later it was discovered that Mohini was a 'daayan' who had come to seek revenge from the family.


Fake Roli's entry


Maya ( icchadhari naagin) entered the house as fake Roli and even tried seducing Siddhant.Later, Maya was killed by Roli with the help of a trishul.


Indravati captured Simar in a pot

Indravati also created a lot of problems in Simar's life. She even captured Simar inside a pot. The show even went back about a hundred years just to reveal the connection between another mysterious woman Shraddha and Simar



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