Five times Swara has come face-to-face with diffculties
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Swara’s life is entrenched with difficulties. Whether it is love or family, Swara has often found herself in the centre of trouble. But despite all the ups and downs, she has maintained her calm and bounced back with more strength and vigor every time. Here’s a look at some of the problems that have come along Swara’s way on the show so far.

Swara-Lakshya: Swara’s first love was Lakshya but because of Ragini’s game plans, she managed to break their relationship apart. Even after listening to constant jibes from family and friends, Swara fought for her love and cleared the misunderstanding that was created between them by her sister, Ragini.

Ragini pushes Swara into the river: Just when Swara and Lakshya were about to tie the knot, Ragini pushed her sister into the river just to get Lakshya to fall in love with her. Ragini told everyone in the family that Swara ran away because she didn’t want to marry Lakshya.

Ragini's kidnapping: When Ragini was kidnapped, all eyes fell on Swara. Everyone one thought that Swara was behind it and when Annapurna found the same red shawl in Swara’s almirah which they all saw in the phone booth footage, everyone accused Swara of foul play.

Swara-Sanskar: Swara and Sanskar came together for the sole purpose of proving Ragini’s true motives. Eventually, the two over a period of time realized they had feelings for each other. Just when things started to look bright for Swara, Kavita, Sanskar’s first love came back into their lives and once again Swara found her relationship at the brink of breaking up.

Swara's arrest: While Swara and Sanskar’s sangeet ceremony is taking place, the police come in and arrest Swara and accuse her of killing Ragini’s masi. Swara once again finds herself trapped in a web of lies.

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