Five times Keith lost his Cool in the Bigg Boss House!
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If there has been one person in the Bigg Boss' house we all know as the most reasonable, gentle and calm; the one who refrains from getting into any sort of argument or even controversy just for the heck of footage, it has to be Keith. But his housemates' behavior has finally got the better of him. We have listed five times when Keith finally lost his top and couldnt control his agitation and you would be shocked to know that most of the times, it was with his lady love, Rochelle.




You will for sure remember when Priya was the captain of the house and she had asked Rochelle to clean the kitchen counter apart from her own daily chores. Rochelle had refused to follow her instruictions. She asked Priya to request Kawaljit instead. This prompted an enormous fight between the two. Where both refused to withdrew. At that point when Keith attempted to mediate, Rochelle declined to hear him out and that was the point at which he lost his cool. He shouted out of frustration and broke the house rule of talking in English and stormed out of the room.
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Next was when Suyyash confronted Rochelle for eating special food sent in for Mandana because of her health reasons. Rochelle got angry about it and got extremely defensive. She even yelled back at Suyyash thinking that she was being targeted for supporting Mandana. Rochelle cried and stormed out of the room when Keith interfered and tried to explain her the correct way of dealing with the situation rather than snapping. Back then Keith said that he was quite disappointed because of Rochelle’s reckless behaviour and wanted her to realise it.
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Rochelle and Keith were given a 'trust' task where she had to turn her back towards Keith and go for a free fall while Keith would pick her up. Rochelle failed to do the task, apprehending that Keith would not be able to catch her and she would fall and injure herself. Keith and other contestants started teasing her about this and Rochelle did not take it too well. Insted she  screamed at Keith and blamed him for becoming a butt of all jokes. Not only this, she also expressed her disapproval over few of Keith's actions. She mentioned how she was deeply hurt when Keith went on to share his problems with Suyyash or Prince, instead of her. This angered Keith who responded in an unfamiliar tone. He raised his decibles at Rochelle and asked her to refrain from advicing him. 

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Next incedent happend when Captain Suyyash had confiscated Mandana’s bags after her violent conduct, but soon realized that this punishment wouldn't change Mandana’s behavior and decided to return her bags. This angered Rochelle, Kishwer and Priya. They argued with Suyyash about it and a huge discussion ensued. That’s when Keith also decided to talk it out with Mandana but little did he know that c Rochelle would created a huge fuss over this. She accused Keith of encouraging Mandana. Keith couldnt take this illogical beahviour coming from Rochelle and he yelled “How am I encouraging her.” Keith and Rochelle started fighting which got ugly.

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During the captaincy task, the house was divided into two teams — one supporting Rishabh and the other for Prince's captaincy. The supporters in each group had to hold the helium balloons in their hands standing in the garden area. Keith was appointed as the sanchalak of the task. He disqualified Gizele for resting her arm above her head. She turned around and blamed Keith for being partial. Gizele called him the cool group's servant and thats when Keith lost his cool and asked her not to pass such comments and they both got into a verbal fight.





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