Five things you didn’t know about Radhika Madan!
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  • February 3, 2016
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Radhika is a trained and dancer!

Radhika Madan was a dance instructor in Delhi before she got her big break in MATSH. She is a very talented dancer and loves to dance in her free time too.

She loves to watch Sex and the City. 

Apart from her own show, Radhika also loves to watch Sex and City, a New York based sitcom. She catches the show whenever she can and loves the characters.

She hates using make-up.

Unlike the majority of girls and women, Radhika hates using make-up. She only keeps her mascara and eye liner with her. She loves her natural look.

Her dream role is to star in Jab We Met 2.

Radhika revealed in an interview that her dream role would be to star in Jab We Met 2. She absolutely loved the movie and wishes to star in it if at all a sequel is made.

Her character is opposite to Ishani.

Radhika also mentioned in an interview that her real life character is the polar opposite to that of her reel life character. Ishani is a shy and polite girl whereas Radhika is very talkative and candid in real life.

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