Five things that Suyyash can do to get back into the spot light!
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  • November 18, 2015
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Suyyash is one of the strongest contenders in the house. However, of late we haven't seen him doing much in the house except following Prince and Kishwer's foot steps. Here are a list of five things that Suyyash can do to ace his game again. 


Stand up: It's high time he starts taking a stand for things that he believes in rather than depending on his girlfriend Kishwer and his friend Prince. Everyone is here to win the game and by playing follow the leader, Suyyash won't go anywhere.


Stay calm: He is not a child and it's high time that he stops acting like one. Suyyash should try performing all the tasks without losing his temper. Afterall, that's the trait of a true leader. 

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Fights: We keep seeing Suyyash get into ugly fights with the housemates, all thanks to her girlfriend. It's time that he allows his girlfriend to take care of her own battles and stay out of unneccsary discussions. 


Proposal: We all know that people adore good love stories and the Bigg Boss house isn't new to this concept. It would be real fun to watch Suyyash get down on his knees and propse his lady love. Awww…that would be absolutely adorable to watch. 


Chef: He should probably try his hand at cooking. Yuvika also gained popularity in the house because of her master chef skills and this might help Suyyash too in some way or the other. 

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