Five things that Puneet revealed on the live chat
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Puneet Vashishta entered the Bigg Boss house as the second wild card entrant with an agenda to shake up the house and turn up the crazy quotient inside the house. This multi-faceted actor made quite a dramatic entry filled with enthusiasm and made a promise to entertain everyone till the end. But fate had something else planned for Puneet and in just one week, he made an exit from the show. Here are a few things that Puneet revealed on the chat post his eviction from the show. 


On his stay: “I have come out totally rejuvenated. It was definitely not my place to be because I am not a political person or the one to back bite and I guess that indicates a winner in a sense. I realised we take a lot of things for granted and I believe I have come out as a winner”. We are not very sure about his back-biting but his gyaan is something that everyone would surely not miss. 

On Mandana: Mandana is a two-faced person. She is beautiful from outside but ugly from the inside. For two days, we shared quite a friendly relationship and then all of a sudden she started taunting me because she thought the 'guru' was getting more spotlight then the 'shishya'. Whatever, Mandy did to upset him, she surely is making the right moves because she is still inside the house. 


Winner: According to Puneet, there is only one clear winner. “If it is the right way then Aman should win the game.” Well! That only time will tell but for now there are quite a few people who are giving a stiff competition inside the house. 

On Rimi: “Rimi shouldn't get evicted. She's being pulled into politics. She's just sitting there, trying to understand the pattern of the game being played.” By the looks of how things are going inside the house, we are sure Rimi is going to make one hell of a move in no time. 
On Prince: “Prince bahut aggressive hain. He is physically very strong but the most genuine person in the house.” Puneet wants to try more food from Prince ka dhaba as the paranthas he made reminded him of his mother. He is not the only one who is in love with the paranthas, the entire house has been seen raving about it on quite a few episodes. Yummmy!!!!!
Incase you missed the chat, click here to watch. 

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