Five things Keith revealed in his live chat!
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Yes, the show has ended but there’s always some unfinished business left. After a surprise eviction in the finale week, Keith Sequira, the Mr. Know-it-all, came down to our office for his live chat. Here are the top 5 things Keith revealed in his live chat:

‘I loved the Rochelle that came out during my absence’

Keith previously had taken a brief exit from the show after his brother’s death. Keith revealed that during that time he saw Rochelle get stronger and take a stand for herself. He said that she proved that she was really independent in the show.

‘Prince considered Rochelle hot but he never crossed the line’

Keith revealed that Prince Narula who was their very good friend in the house considered Rochelle hot but he never took a step and crossed the line. He said that throughout the show Prince respected Rochelle and he liked that very much.

‘Would like to meet and get to know Rishabh more’

Even after being involved in the ‘cool group’, Keith confessed that he liked the kind of person Rishabh is and he would like to meet him now that they are out of the house and get to know him more.

‘Diamond Thief task was the most fun one for me’

When asked about his favorite task, Keith, without any hesitation, said that he found the Diamond Task the best as it was thrilling and brought up the energy of all the contestants. It seems like he loved the Chor-Police chase after all.

‘Nothing is easy in the Bigg Boss house. Nothing’

Well I know that kind of seems like a quote but such wise words have never been spoken. Keith addressed all the challenges the housemates had to go through and said that in the end it was all a survival game. And surviving in the Bigg Boss house is no child’s play.

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